Casablanca, 06-14.10.2019 , Summer School "Identity in Transition"

The Catholic University Eichstaett – Ingolstadt organized in cooperation with the Hanns Seidel Foundation, the Practical Wisdom Society and the National School for Commerce and Management, the second Intercultural Summer School on “Identity in Transition”. The Summer School workshop was addressed to doctoral (PhD) students and advanced Master students from Morocco, Germany, Lebanon, Israel, Russia, China, United States, Poland and Hungary whose research relates to aspects of identity in transition. Given the broad appeal of “identity” research in multiple social science disciplines, the candidates’ diverse research backgrounds enabled an interdisciplinary exchange of research ideas and approaches.

The summer school enabled participants to examine how individuals, organizations and societies experience, respond to and engage in the process when their identity is in transition. What elements of their existing ‘self’ do they employ when making the transition? How is the notion of ‘self’, ‘I’, ‘We’ redefined given the myriad of social, economic, political and environmental conditions that ignite such identity transitions. And whilst transition can be a stressful experience, it can also be transformative and positively affirm a new role/social/cultural identity.

Besides plenary research sessions, interactive sessions with visiting executives and experts enabled students to reflect on how transformations are experienced, supported and how this ongoing process of renewal can be re-conceptualized. Additionally the students had the opportunity to present their own research projects. The main objective of the Summer School was to facilitate learning from diverse research perspectives on “identity” and to provide an enriching environment that inspires students to develop their own research ideas.